The general blogging is a latest marketing trend, if a writer or blogger plans to earn money out of it. The blogs without specific niches are tougher to market. This is because; the diverse audience is not simple to gain in the business blogging. The online marketing statistics on the web express that the massive amount of a successful blog’s regular and hard traffic comes from niche determined searchers who utilize the search engines to search for specific niche focused sites that will give their needs. On Seo side, conduct a keyword research for the blog without a definite niche can be quite complex. For some general bloggers, the proper execution of Seo processes and topics is their solution to grab visitors as well as create a huge income to their blogs.

Tips on general blogging

If you have started general blogging, here are a few essential tips that you must consider such as:

  • Activate the akismet plugins

  • Select a theme

  • Decide on a permalink structure

  • Download and install the Google XML sitemaps generator plugins

  • Download and install all in one Seo pack plugins

  • Install Share this plugins or a similar social bookmarking plugins

  • Create an about page

  • Create a contact page

  • Create an account on feed burner for your blog and offer a visible option to your visitors to subscribe to your blog by email or by RSS

If you follow these above tips properly, you can simply create a general blogging. Once you get your blog ready to go, all you want to do is to begin posting. You can make a niche post at first and introduce yourself briefly and then let the reader to know that you have an about page with many details. Also, you can give some idea of what visitors can expect from your blog posts. Furthermore, here are some quick general blogging tips that include:

  • Make the posts continuously

  • Use the post titles wisely

  • Make medium to long posts

  • Post about other blogs

  • Proof read and spell check your post before publishing

  • You must be having fun blogging

How to begin a general blogging?

A blog is primarily an online journal, where there are one or more writers or bloggers who give their own thoughts and idea on a specific or different number of topics. If you have enough skills for writing, it is very easy and direct to begin your own blog. First of all, you have to decide what you are going to write on based on your interests and also make sure that you have more knowledge on it. Moreover, your blog must have a general theme, but can differ from time to time and does not even have to be firmly focused on that topic. Therefore, it is much essential to decide on a blogging platform that meets your requirements and needs as well. Once you sign up, you will be able to customize your blog with a color scheme, catchy layout, buttons and comments and so on.